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Default photoshop dohickey thingie mabob

I have photoshop elements... I putz and play...

I found on this site free shapes and layers and stuff you can download to add to the program

well after beating my comp mercilessly and not being able to access the portion of photoshop to be able to add these nifty dohickies I had already uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop at least 2x I was getting PISSED... (DAMN VISTA ( why dont we have a beat the comp smiley?))

well I found this... add o matic works for regular photoshop too

THIS thing is great! I take the file drop it in the little gray box and POOF it puts it right where it belongs... open up elements and all my new toys are right there!
here is the coupon code to get 25% off @09abt25jsy
well worth the $8.00

Im gonna go look for more layers and fills and custom shapes and ummmmm what ever else I can find.... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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