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Default Re: Help With Backdrops

I prefer white backgrounds since my clips are so many different colors. I used to stress about this. I have a lightbox and use a white sheet backdrop for now. I take my pics on the digital macro setting. They still don't look that crisp so I crop and edit them in photoshop, which is a must. After trial and error since PS is SO complex, I finally figured out the easiest way to get a crisp white background with one click. Go to ENHANCE, then Adjust Lighting, Levels. Click on the white dropper (there should be 3 - black, gray and white) and then click anywhere on your background. That should do it. If you still need to tweak, then use the manual toggle tool on the same screen. Its time intensive since you really need to do it for every picture but I think its a necessity for them to look professional.
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