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Originally Posted by ayesha View Post
do you have a pic of the cheap ligthing? i tried searching but all i see is the price between 100-200 dollars.
I bought a lighting kit on eBay for $57 plus shipping. item#280119718603. I got the defect parts and have to return to exchange.

You can use 2 reading lamps but need to purchase day light bulbs.

Bulbs used in continuous lighting:
1. tungsten bulb--old technology, coloring temperature is 3200K, it turns your pictures yellow. Plus it's very hot.
2. New fluorescent bulb (swirl bulb 5000k-5600k, true daylight)--new technology. Very cool because 25W fluorescent bulb is as light as 100W tungsten bulb. So you can use it on normal reading lamp.

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