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Default Re: minnie mouse ribbon

Originally Posted by HotBowMom View Post
All of these Mickey/Minnie head ribbons are FAKE and illegal. I wouldn't wear a fake Juicy or Bebe shirt or carry a fake handbag and I sure wouldn't put these ribbons on my kids head. Not to mention they're made in China since a US company would know better than to touch anything Disney without a license. Just because you CAN have it made doesn't make it moral or ethical.

I feel strongly about this, along with fake Hello Kitty ribbons, fake spongebob, etc. If you had a signature logo for your company and someone decided to put it on ribbon I'm sure you'd feel differently too.

Now if someone could get the rights from Disney, they could get RRRIIIICCCCHHHH LOL
Wow. I had not thought of this. What about those matching prints for Gymboree lines, I guess it's the same with them? Now I feel kinda guilty for purchasing it! I just thought it was cute. It looks really sweet with the minnie mouse head I made to put on it with a matching red bow, and my five year old loved it. Oh well.
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