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Default Re: Bottlecap idea???

I do this and they are my best sellers. When I am going to do a sale in an area I get on the internet and type in the school district and look up the schools. I get the colors, mascot and school name. I sell caps alone for $3.00 and $5.00 for cap and necklace. I bought some jewerly boxes that are long I put scrapbook paper in the bottom to match the school colors. I then wrote or type out school names to post in the box for their caps. It is also great for conversation. I say where do you go to school at. Then I say these are my best sellers I have one for your school. I have so many children I have gotten to know and saw them at a few sales. They always remember me and come back. I also made two bottlecap bows to put in crocks. If you go on my blog Teresa Miller's Memories you can find photos of all of this. Just click on older post and you will find them.
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