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Default Re: Pillowcase Dress Sizes?

this site is easy to follow if you are using a regular pillow case-
Pillow Case Dress
it is where I started... for using material I just cut it the size of a pillow case
and we have made them for ages 6 mos-10 years and we make them for dolls. I even made one for an adult once (was larger than a pillowcase)LOL but looked really cute! the arm cuts are the hardest to get right but I usually cut like she recommends and for each size up I add 1/2 inch and 1 inch so for 6-8 I would cut 2.5 inches in and 5 inches down...I also add to the width of the material when making larger sizes and take away for small sizes...but I never measure...LOL just guess...HTH

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