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Originally Posted by mommieze View Post
That is the big question..

As far as playing dumb, I suppose you could, but personally for me I would rather not risk a $100, 000 fine per item and 15 years in jail. I have a feeling a lot of consignment businesses would feel the same.

Plus I would, as a business, like to be operating legally.
I don't necessarily agree with the stringency of the law but would like the chance to comply at a reasonable price if I have to. JMO
I agree completely! Someone mentioned selling their bows without testing because they had been on their daughters head and I thought of the same thing and said it in another post jokingly too . I think, and I of course am not a lawyer, but I think the only way you can get away with that is by not listing them as new. So if you have a website, I don't think you could get away with this unless you noted that your bows were used. I don't know. It really doesn't make sense to me that someone would be able to sell new bows in a consignment shop without testing, but if I put mine in a boutique, I could be fined for noncompliance.

And, BTW the likelyhood of ribbon having lead in it is slim to none, unless it contains metallics (note: I'm not sure about wired ribbon) - which you should be able to tell by looking at. Almost all ribbons contain less than 20ppm lead. It is when you add rhinestones and other embellishments that can be a little risky, so if you are supposed to rely upon your judgment, then stay away from metallics, rhinestones, puff paint, painted buttons, etc. Alligator clips and barettes are just as unlikey to contain lead, it is a very malleable metal and not typically used for these products - after having my clips tested, all of them passed with FLYING colors. Also, if we are left to using our "best judgement" and that is the final stance, then make sure you find a supplier who can provide you with the GCC's for their products and assuming you are not spraying a can of lead onto your hairbows or it is not magically appearing on your prodcuts via an evil lead fairy, then obviously you should be in compliance.
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