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Originally Posted by Abbie&JacksMommy View Post
What i don't get is that we all buy our bow makeing products (Ribbon, Clips Etc) from a store (Wal-mart, Hobby Lobby or wherever) Arent the products tested before they go on the market? So whats the big deal if we add a couple or loops to some ribbon and call it a bow! It should not be our job to test products we did not make! ( We only enhanced an already existing product!) The manufacturers of the ribbon and clips should test for that stuff not us! That's is just so beyond stupid in my opinion . It is like blaming a mom who made her kid a pb&j sandwich and the kid got sick because of salmonella . The mom didn't make the peanut butter a company did. We don't make the ribbon a company does so they should be responsible for there products not us. I mean come on its not like we are sitting around growing cotton and spinning it in to ribbon ourselves. If the manufacturers don't test the products its there fault not ours . So if the products are unsafe they should get in trouble not us. GRRR this is making me sooo frustrated !!!!

Excellent point. I'm so frustrated because I finally just started selling my bows, and having some good success with it...and now this happens. I have a friend of mine who is forced to close down her online shop because of these new regulations. So sad.
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