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Default Re: What do I do with all these buttons????

Originally Posted by csmc702 View Post
I use a pair of needle nosed pliers. I've found that you squeeze the ends toward each other and then start pulling on the side of the "u" that isn't straight (you'll find that one side has a little bend in it) from the outside. Put the rubber band in, and put the side back in. Then, I put both sides toward the back of the pliers (where it's bigger) and squeeze a bit. The shank will end up looking the same as it was when you started. It took me a few times to perfect my technique. Just keep tugging on the rubberband to make sure it's secure.
lol...I was thinking of those buttons with the plastic shanks. I see cute ones all the time that would make very cute pony-o's, but haven't figured out the best way to attach to the pony-o. I bought some ages ago from a hair shop that the maker used buttons. She actually cut the pony-o, threaded it through the shank, then tied the pony-o back together in a knot. I am always pullin the knot tighter when she wears those to keep them from coming untied. I have wondered if anyone else does these with a better method. I guess the only other option is to take the shank off then glue it back on around the pony-o, maybe with e6000. I would be so afraid it would come apart though.

I have never used the metal buttons. I am interested in making fabric covered buttons, but the kits I have seen are pretty expensive for just a couple buttons. I'm sure there has to be a more economical way, but I haven't come across it yet.
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