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Default Re: What do I do with all these buttons????

Originally Posted by sara12rara View Post
How do you replace the shank securely? I have wanted to do something like this, but am afraid that the shank would not stay, and my button would fall off.
I use a pair of needle nosed pliers. I've found that you squeeze the ends toward each other and then start pulling on the side of the "u" that isn't straight (you'll find that one side has a little bend in it) from the outside. Put the rubber band in, and put the side back in. Then, I put both sides toward the back of the pliers (where it's bigger) and squeeze a bit. The shank will end up looking the same as it was when you started. It took me a few times to perfect my technique. Just keep tugging on the rubberband to make sure it's secure.
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