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Default Finally Quality bottle caps, and what I learned

I tried making these a while ago and I got so upset since mine always came out poor.

ah4185 (Heather) - I do have this one Elmo

Finally I created my own images and sized the files
to 4 inches x 6 inches.

Here is the final product (they are still drying).

I uploaded the files on line on and picked them up today.

Here are some things that went wrong that I would not have guessed.

1. my images were cut off about 1/4 of inch all the away around the photo, which means when you set your images you should leave more about 1/2" white border around the edges and have your images inside that border so they don't get cut off.

2. Each image was a 1 x 1 inch circle, but when I got home and was using my 1" circle punch the images were larger then the punch buy about 10% + which means you need to either reduce the sizes of the circles or carefully choose images that do not fill the entire 1 inch circle.

Now the good stuff the prints came out so well! I glued them to the bottle caps and then added the sealant. Tip: Do don't this with your kids around, or they will try to pick them up and they will be ruined. Hint - my 4 other sheets of prints were cut into strips by my ds, live and learn.

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