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Default Re: Any tips on making this?

Originally Posted by stitchezutl View Post
Basically i would go and get two red pillow cases. cut the one pillow cases across the top and hem down 3 inches then mak another seem about 1 to 1 1/2 inches up from that make sure to leave a little opening for the elastic. then take the other pillow case and messure ur child or a pair of pants that fit the same length u want it and cut the pillow case accordingly, i use this method for my pillow case an d bloomers ouotfits that i make. make sure that the closed end is the top of the pants, cut it open and fold over and sew 1 inch down and leave a space for the elastic to go in. then after the pants are cut. take the already hemed part of the pillow case that you cut off and use it to do the ruffle on one leg. i assume that it wont cover both leggs so u might have to buy some fabric to do tha ruffle or u can use lace or u might have enough left over from what was cut off the pillow case. hope that this helps. i am off to find some fabric to make this my self.


o yeah lol for the elmo try getting a fabric that has him on it that you l;ike and make ur own applique or look online for iorn on transfers of him or maybe a premade applique.
Thanks!! I so want to make this but I'm scared! Maybe I will just suck it up and dive in. The worst I can do is waste some time and a couple pillowcases, right?

If you do make it, post some pictures. I would love to see it!!

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