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Default Are TNT templates worth it?

Does anyone use these? I did not know that anyone sold these until I saw them on here a few days ago. I made my own out of cardboard. I saw a picture of someone making a bow on a cardboard one on the internet somewhere. It took me a few tries but I eventually got it the size that I wanted it. They work really well but after so long I have to make new ones because they are not that sturdy and kind of bend out of shape after awhile. My dh made me some out of wood but that did not work. I have found that they need to bend just a little to get the ribbon off. Are the TNT ones plastic and do they give a little so that the ribbon comes off easy? Is there a template for the surround loops or does it just show you how to make them in the instructions? Also I usually do not make bows for money. I have sold some at craft shows but I mainly make them for my girls and nieces or to give away as gifts. So would they be worth the investment?
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