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Default Re: My Bottlecap Image Sealer SUCKS!!!

Originally Posted by cberget504 View Post
i print all my images on a regular printer using HP Presentation Paper. it's thin and glossy. I've tried many papers and I like this one cause it's so thin and once you are done with the bottlecaps it looks like you printed in on the cap. about sealing them: i use clear fingernail polish and paint each one. it's works great! I never have a problem with them smearing unless i have a helper polishing them and they miss a spot. haha....anyway...I hope this helps. i use the Love My Nails brand from walmart. it's only like .97 cents. One bottle might cover about 100 caps.
Have you ever had a problem with the nail polish yellowing? I've done a few searches, and some people thought that would happen with polish...
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