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Default Bow too stiff!

I'm trying to make some cheer bows and I made one with a back layer of sequins (there was grosgrain under the sequins), then a layer of grosgrain, then another layer of sequins on top of that. I used heat-n-bond to attach the sequins to the grosgrain and again to attach the layer of grosgrain to the layer of sequins. I don't know if I just ironed it too long because I really wanted it to stick, but it turned out SOOO stiff! It feels almost like cardboard! When I try to bend it, there is actually a sort of crisping sound haha I don't know if I should be using heat-n-bond lite? What's the difference? And is there any other sort of glue or anything I can use? Especially for attaching grosgrain to grosgrain, I feel like I can just use a hot glue gun but it ends up leaving bumps and if I use white ribbon, you can see the glue through it. Help! Thanks!
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