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Default Re: How do you take those great pictures?

Originally Posted by creativekiddos View Post
The first thing to do is have a digital camera that is 8.0 mega pixels or more.
Set your camera to macro when you take a picture, usually you will see a flower.

Here is a sample of pictures I took in different places.

The top left photo was taken out side in the same place as the top right photo. It was on my covered porch against a brick wall. On the top left photo I clipped out the background in Adobe Illustrator since I don't have photo shop. Before I removed the background I took all the photo's into Picasa and adjusted them to sharpen them and then I adjusted them to make them brighter by adjusting the light.

The bottom left photo was taken inside my house in my kitchen. I taped white paper up on the wall and took the picture. The bottom right photo was taken outside at about 10am before the sun was to bright. I am not an expert but I find you should always try to take pictures outside out of bright light and crop all your photos so the item you are selling is the focal point instead of your background.

Awesome pictures! I appreciate all the details. It really helps since I was somewhat lost. Thanks for your help!!!
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