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Default Re: Using a professional photographer

I paid $200 total for all copyrights for the pictures I had online. I'm working on a new project though and I got on craigslist and every single person I responded to got back with me today!

One girl who lives around me is trying to build her business, so her post was that she was offering a referral program and looking for someone to pass out her business cards and then she will give 10% of the referral to the person who handed out her card...

....I don't care about the 10% because I want pictures, so it worked out great as I can send her card out with my bows, plus within a day she already booked 2 girls for me. I have a specific look in mind and so my responses were just asking them if they had any previous clients who would fit the profile and she did.

The other was in Arizona (my parents live there). She will work out perfectly because she is starting a modeling class in April, which will give her the opportunity to keep me in mind with the models she has, but also she is not going out of the way for me. Plus, that gives me time to work on my project so that I can get it put together and see what else I need when she is ready to take pics. We haven't talked about pricing yet though, so I may be sticking my foot in my mouth-lol...but her post was free sessions for the models.

Anyway, point is, check craigslist!

Have you ran any specials or anything to try to pull people in? One thing that sticks out for me (only because I am cheap!) is that I looked at all of the higher priced products first before I saw some bows that I would buy if I was just looking to spend $20 or so I don't know if placement of the pages would do anything for anyone else or not?

And, do you have any editing software? That's where most of my work is. I had to go through and edit the pictures on my site because they weren't as bright as I wanted them to be after the photographer edited them, but I have basically off of the equipment (camera, etc) she had-I just haven't had the time to figure out how to correctly use it

I think the photographer would be a great asset, but before you commit, I would look around and see if you can bargain with anyone else. There are a lot of people wanting to build their portfolio's, etc. that would be more than willing to help.
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