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Default Re: Using a professional photographer

Originally Posted by maddismommy View Post
I would look around. There are a lot of people that do photography as a side job, but do wonderful work. And there prices are usually very minimal. I have a girl where I live that does photography (as a side thing) and she charges $54.00 for the sitting. You get about 60 pictures she gives you all the proofs and the rights to the pictures. I think her pictures are as good as any professional photographer. So you might want to look and ask around and then look at other peoples prices and portfolios. If this guys photos are way better than anything else you find then you might want to go for it, but it has been my experience that there are a lot of people out there that are not "professional" photographers that do just as good a job and they do it for 1/5th of the price.

P.S. A great way to find photographers and see some of their work is to look at peoples blogs. I notice you are from Illinois. So you can go to google and type in the words "blog photography illinois" and it will bring up tons of photographers in your area.
I know this guy would give us gorgeous pictures. He has many samples of his work on line and it's fantastic. But I think at this point we could do what you said and find someone good AND reasonable. If I only had an unlimited budget! LOL Someday, someday..... Thank you for your help!
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