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Default Using a professional photographer

Hello everyone,
I'm new here and I apologize if it feels like I'm bombarding everyone with questions. I hope there will be a day where I can return the favor, but unfortunately right now we're needing a lot of help/advice. I'm trying really hard to get our business up and running. My most recent thought is that maybe if our product pictures were better we might be able to sell our items.

I contacted a professional photographer who specializes in commercial and kids. He even lives right here in town! I've seen his work and it is absolutely superb. He would be giving us a HUGE break and charging $500 to provide us with a "stunning" (his words) picture that we could use on our cover page of our website, brochures, etc. He will also do a cover shot of one of our tutu bow holders, and take pictures of 20 bow holders on a white background. He also said he would spend time with us to teach us how to take our own product pictures. He would use my daughter's room and my daughter as the model. He felt like her room would be a good location because it has a mural of a tree and flowers.

I'm just wondering if this is a lot of money, if I even need professional pictures (yes, of course I WANT it, but do we NEED it?). Does this seem like too good of a deal to pass up, or maybe we're being snowed. We just can't seem to get off the ground and I hate to sink even more money into this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Sarah & Jennifer
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