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Originally Posted by Hopefull View Post
Ok I am totally confused. I hear that they are baning all this stuff. Then I went to a local resale shop that has hair bows. I asked the folks there and they said it only pertains to toys.

But really if this passes it would be absolutley insane. How can they make it retrocative??? Just makes me so mad!!!!
That's what we all hoped at first, but then when you go back to the definition, we're still any product for kids under 12...

The problem is that the CPSC doesn't even know their own answers to this, so instead of sorting it out and getting our input before they put it into place, they are allowing this to go into effect with very vague areas that we are apparently "supposed" to know. It's all frustrating! From the few articles I've seen in the last two days though, it looks as if they are possibly TRYING to help a little bit....of course they aren't since we aren't exempt, but hopefully there is hope that it is heading that way to help us out at least
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