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Default Re: How do I get a perfect V?

Hi Ladies!

Cynthia - Do you cut your Vs like tatortot does?

tatortot - Thanks for replying even though you are rushing to get DD ready for school. It sounds like alot of work just to get those Vs. I am going to try it later. I read in the forum that we can fold the ribbon in half lengthwise, and cut a slant to get the V. I tried and I ended up with fused ribbons instead. I am using a soldering iron. Would wood burning tool have made a difference?

Originally Posted by tatortot View Post
I fold my ribbon in half the long way and make a crease. Then I unfold the ribbon and lay it out on my glass cutting board. From there I lay my metal ruler from the center crease out to the end of the ribbon and cut it with my wood burner. Then repeat on the other side. Hope that makes sense. I am getting my DD ready for school so I am not here 100%. HTH
Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
HI Angela... =) Hope all is well with you and your baby...

I use woodburning tool to seal the V instead of lighter.

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