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Default Re: Using a Coluzzle (or something else?) for cutting circles for fabric buttons?

I don't prefer Coluzzle....especially for the smaller sizes...makes a raggedy cut, and you still have to finish cutting them by hand.

Here's what I do...iron on Reynolds Freezer Paper to the back of your fabric.

Get a round Fiskars Squeeze Punch - they have different sizes, so take a couple sample circles with you when you purchase - they're very easy to use, they're already "flipped" so you can see what you're cutting.

Punch out your circles and remove the paper - sometimes it just falls right off, sometimes you can squeeze and push the circle between your thumb and finger and the paper will fall off, once in awhile you have to pick it off...

It takes much less time, it's for me and the paper is great for this....quilters, sewers, use it for making applique patterns. It's reusable for several more tries...though I'm not sure you would want to re-iron those small pieces....

Sorry it took so long to answer; I forgot to post to it earlier.
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