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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

This whole law crap is making me sick. There are too many avenues out there to speak your voice. I am not sure which one is the one that will make a difference.

Personally I feel that manufacturers should do the testing and supply buyers with batch numbers. As buyers we should show the batch number or certification stating that the products used were tested and are compliant with the law.

I cannot imagine a huge fall out like this happening to us. If this goes through the way we are all dreading then there will no longer be craft shows (huge money maker to numeorus cities in the nation), all of the suppliers (TRR, RABOM, etc) will have no one to sell to because we would not be able to afford all get where I am going with this? It will be a huge domino effect and it will hurt the economy more than they are thinking.

Not only that....they will have to spend lots of money alone trying to stop the black market approach which you all know will be a huge problem.
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