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Default Re: Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

I am an eternal optimist. I firmly believe they had no idea of the repercussions this law would create. I hope that they will amend this law to exclude non-threatening items, such as hair bows. A child under 3 should not be left unattended with a hair bow due to the fact that they present a choking hazard. If it doesn't get chewed on, the phthalates / lead won't enter their body via the digestive system. We just need to make sure we sign petitions and write letters to educate our representatives so they know that this impacts us devastatingly when it really shouldn't.

As I understand this law, it is written for manufacturers of finished products for children under 12. If you are making this for your daughter, it is a hobby - not manufacturing. So I think you're okay! I am going to continue to make hair bows for my daughter and sell them internationally after February unless some laws change. I don't have 300K to pay the fines!!!

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