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Default Is it ok to make hairbows but not selling them?

If I make them for my own children or nieces. Is it against the law? This law is KILLING ME and KILLING US ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Ugggghhhh...Maybe we should send letter to President elect Obama. Maybe, He support small business that's definetly gonna die beacuse of this law and that will make the economy getting worse and worse. I think he wouldn't want to have more economy issues in the first few months of his duty as a President.

Whaddayathink? I know it's sound silly. I think there's gonna be change with him go the white office, Like a better economy but look now, many small businesses that is the back bone of our economy will die soon. I'm hopingthe change that he will make is by changing this law to a better law for all of us. *crossing my finger*

I mean let's face it, hairbows are not toys so they shouldn't include them in this law. Big manufacturers can afford the test maybe because they make hundred thousand of product each year. But US???? way less than that.....

UGGGGHHHH....I have nothing to say anymore....I got headache just thinkin about it. I was thinking to make a lot of babies so I can use my ribbon supplies to make hair bows for them.

Wholesale Headbands, Rolled/Dainty Flowers, and Duchesse Flowers.

21 Satin colors and 20 Grosgrain colors. PM me for more details.
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