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Default Re: booth rental??

I rent wall space in a similar situation. I put plain white bow boards on the wall and hang my bows on those. They are nice enough to restock for me weekly if not twice a week. So far it has been great and sales were better than I thought. It also gives me ideas looking at other booths and inspiration.

I tried inventory two different ways and had to change. I basically number my bows from 1-999 so that I know what colors are selling. All small bows are 900's, all flowers are 300s, characters are 0-99. Then know what color combos are selling the best. There is probably an easier way but that works for me. Plus the shop owner requires that we use numbers like that.

If you are not close, I would discuss if they will restock for you. The place I rent at requires shop owners to come in once a week to clean and restock but they work with me since I am out of town.

Also, see how long the rental terms are so that you can test it out to see how your things sale. My place required 4 months so it wasn't a huge long term thing for me.

I hope this has been helpful.
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