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i posted your message on another site that i know she goes to and this is what she said. If im breaking any rules. I profusely apologize. im just trying to help. Loris

Post subject: Re: lorraine saw this on hg today not sure its gonna work
Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:47 am
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Funny that she thinks I would know. Flattered but I honestly don't know. The way I figure the size of my bow is I get the ribbon and play to create one boutique loop - in my hand make it bigger or smaller depending on the look - too big it will droop in your hand too small it will look funky...then when you are happy with the size of that loop carefully note where you are holding and measure that. I usually do 6.5 inches per loop. Then you multiply that by 4 and add your tails - I usually do 2 inches for tails.

Thus 30 inches of ribbon. I think that is about a 4-4.5" bow.

I make them appear bigger with the spikes - my spikes are cut at 6.5 inches. I put my bow on top of my spikes

Just like this bow. YouTube - Little Cans of Beans Hair Bow SO SECURE

I find this way neat as you never really question a formula. It helped me when I use 3 inch wide ribbon - just do one loop thats it..

Hope it helps - kind of not answered the question but...

Feel free to cut and paste.
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