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Originally Posted by cynthia View Post
This was posted by Theresa Ard in Friendlyhairbowmakers a while back.

Not Mine~Partial msg was this:

These are not instruction for headbands exactly, but it teaches you how to do the weave/braid, and then you can adapt it to the headband.

For the 1st type, for the 1/2" headband, I used 4 ribbons that were approx 25" long. To get the different patterns, you just have to change where you place which color.
Diamondback Ribbon Weaving Instructions

For the 2nd type, I worked off the spools, so I'm not sure how much I used, but it was at least over 56", b/c I cut some ribbon to that length for practice and it wasn't long enough to cover the headband. In order to get the 4 color pattern, instead of using 1 ribbon on each side, I overlapped 2, on each side.

How to Weave a Military Braid Ribbon


I hv both paid instructions, the first 2 that came out.

But, Devon also added/updated her instructions AND she has a Princess Cinderella clippy instruction that comes with it. Totally lovely and worth it!! Here's her link: ON SALE Woven Headband Instructions 6 patterns Sew Cute - (eBay item 160192022235 end time Dec-26-07 13:51:28 PST)

yesterday, I tried woven headband using this instruction and it worked.

Diamondback Ribbon Weaving Instructions

The instruction uses 2 different color ribbons. I followed the instruction and was able to make one (like the pink/black headband in Amanda's picture below)

You can use 4 colors, same technique.

I think the $7 instruction come with a lot of patterns though.

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