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Default Re: HELP!!! with Bottlecaps

what is making the images run is your paper. if you use a lower grade (think kodak kiosk machines), then you will have to put a top coat of clear nail polish on them to make them not run.

as for the bubbles..make sure that you are stirring the et real well before you pour it on the caps. also...let them set a few minutes and then i swirl my wooden stick around in it again.

pm me if you have any more questions. i used to buy mine, but never found one that i liked A LOT...except from one girl...and hers were just a little too much for me to spend on them. i did lots of research before i started making mine (including trial and error). i made a batch of 100+ and then all of the images ran.... thats when i learned to use different paper or to coat them!

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