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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by creativesidebows View Post
I appreciate your input but the problem with this whole mess is that people are putting their "own opinion/spin" on this. I've stopped reading everyone's blog/comments/input.....and I'm only focusing on the cspia site. That is the only place you will find the true info that anyone needs to worry about. Trust me, I was a frantic disaster when this first broke the news as this is NOT just a hobby for me. I actually need what I make to pay my bills and feed my 3 dd's. Without my income from my business we would loose our home. However, I've got to simply focus on the facts and the only place to find the facts is on the cspia website. Bows are NOT toys so anything that comes about for toy issues has no bearing on my products. I wish everyone well in thier endevure to find their piece of mind during these confusing times.

Sorry I just try to help....
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