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I copied and pasted this right from the cpsia site: Someone previous stated that apparel is tied in with this whole mess. It say right here that it is not. Hair accessories are part of apparel. They aren't covering slings either. Slings are what babies are carried in and have direct access to chew on. A hair accessory is NOT in direct chewing access. There is no way they would ban hair accessories, it's not a durable product.

Section 104: Standards and Consumer Registration of Durable
Nursery Products

Will infants’ crib bedding, blankets, bath textiles, and apparel fall under the heading of "durable product"?
No. Congress did not define the term "durable," but it is commonly understood to mean able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration. Cloth/textile items are generally not considered to be durable goods. None of the items Congress specified in section 104 as examples of durable products are items made entirely of cloth, rather they are primarily made from rigid materials (e.g., cribs, toddler beds, high chairs, strollers, bath seats).
Are baby slings covered by section 104?
No. Although Congress specified that infant carriers are covered as durable children’s products under section 104, the staff believes that baby slings are not covered but are non-durable cloth products. (Also see the above answer.)

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