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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by Lorijoz View Post
I have a lawyer reading the law for me right now. I wrote CPISA asking them for the legal definition of a manufacturer, private labeler or warehouser.
I applaud you for this! We really all need to visit our own legal counsel to find the way in which it affects our own situations. A consultation might set you back a couple hundred dollars but at least you would know your responsibilities as a seller. Each business is different so you can't rely on what someone else's attorney has advised them of.

I am having a couple of main products tested (very basically for lead) so at least I can say come Feb. 10 that I have implemented a reasonable testing schedule and I can have the General Conformity Certificates. Third party testing? Too expensive for a bowmaker. Or a WAHM jewelry maker. Or a OOAK kids clothing maker. Unfortunately...

Perhaps this will change!
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