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Default Re: Attention To All!

Everyone can think what they want and avoid believing it if they want...but we contacted our rep (other people have called their congressmen)...and he said- yes- if you make ANYTHING for a child under 12 you have to comply!!!!!!!! Do not sit here and listen to everyone else- GO CALL YOURSELF....then you will know for sure.
now you can try and sell these as over 12 items- but it is the CPSA who will decide if your product is marketed for the under 12 age group-NOT YOU
and the suppliers don't have to test the supplies because of one reason:
The things we buy- not for under 12-
Metal clips- for hair salons
Ribbon- for embellishments/scrapbooking...ect.
even if all the supplies are tested- YOU as a manufacturer would have to TEST the final product!
The shoe and sock thing you are talking about is not for the law which goes into effect Feb. 10 on FEB 10 IT BECOMES ILLEGAL TO SELL ANYTHING for anyone UNDER 12 without testing...

I encourage you to not believe a WORD I say- GO CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN and your STATE REP. ask them! there is a meeting in Jan. about this law we need them to know we are worried!!!!!

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