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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by Angelsx3 View Post
I totally get the whole under 12 and such, but a hair bow? or for that matter a onesie with a ribbon sewed on to it. I have a whole boutique with nothing but handcrafted items. I am going to be out of business and the rest of my lease. This is crazy. My dh is seeking leagl advice on this. I'm going to forget I even read this, it has been e56 nothing but extra stress for me! I'm going to use myself as a model and sell my bows to adults now!
My dh suggested I sell my bows to teens older than 12. I agree that this whole thing makes my head spin . Unfortunately, the fine is way too high for me to find out the hard way and with the whistle blowers out there unless this is cleared up I will have to close up shop.
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