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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by creativesidebows View Post
Amen to this! If I didn't spend to much time on this forum and others I would know nothing about this issue (and be less stressed for it!) For real, I just want to know the serious in's and out's and what effects me and my business and therefore my family and my mortgage payment. I've read for hours on the cspia site and so much of it can be interpreted in different ways. I just wish they would write it in terms the average human can comprehend. My true good friends keep telling me this is for the big companies, I just wish I could believe them and not be so stressed out about it. I just had and incredible craft show, making enough to get my family through the winter and now I'm looking at hiring an attorney to help me understand this. Really, I wasn't counting on having to fork over that money. This all just really is a pain in the ass.
I totally get the whole under 12 and such, but a hair bow? or for that matter a onesie with a ribbon sewed on to it. I have a whole boutique with nothing but handcrafted items. I am going to be out of business and the rest of my lease. This is crazy. My dh is seeking leagl advice on this. I'm going to forget I even read this, it has been e56 nothing but extra stress for me! I'm going to use myself as a model and sell my bows to adults now!
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