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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by Angelsx3 View Post
What I don't understand is why I have not been contacted by "someone", "anyone" with any government status? I own a boutique, I pay taxes every month. If I didn't read and belong to forums I would know NOTHING! I don't watch tv, seriously I don't. I think this is so far fetched. I have a lease what in the world am I suppose to do. Be out all that money file for bankrupt, skip country. this is crazy. I will see what happens on Feb 10th. Until then I'm still on the sidelines.
I have spoken with several local stores here and they have heard NOTHING! I also spoke with someone regarding one of the largest street fairs in the country thats held here in tucson. Again NOTHING! If this is so serious like everyone says, I believe it should be more CUT and DRY!

My husband lives on CNN and has not seen anything in regards to this either. He did not hear of it until I sent the links to him. Not saying that it is nothing to worry about but I do find it strange. I mean when ever there is a scare about lead or other substances found in children's products you hear about it. You would think we would hear about an important law like this going into effect. I wish something would be said so that the masses will know.

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