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Originally Posted by Angelsx3 View Post
What I don't understand is why I have not been contacted by "someone", "anyone" with any government status? I own a boutique, I pay taxes every month. If I didn't read and belong to forums I would know NOTHING! I don't watch tv, seriously I don't. I think this is so far fetched. I have a lease what in the world am I suppose to do. Be out all that money file for bankrupt, skip country. this is crazy. I will see what happens on Feb 10th. Until then I'm still on the sidelines.
I have spoken with several local stores here and they have heard NOTHING! I also spoke with someone regarding one of the largest street fairs in the country thats held here in tucson. Again NOTHING! If this is so serious like everyone says, I believe it should be more CUT and DRY!
Amen to this! If I didn't spend to much time on this forum and others I would know nothing about this issue (and be less stressed for it!) For real, I just want to know the serious in's and out's and what effects me and my business and therefore my family and my mortgage payment. I've read for hours on the cspia site and so much of it can be interpreted in different ways. I just wish they would write it in terms the average human can comprehend. My true good friends keep telling me this is for the big companies, I just wish I could believe them and not be so stressed out about it. I just had and incredible craft show, making enough to get my family through the winter and now I'm looking at hiring an attorney to help me understand this. Really, I wasn't counting on having to fork over that money. This all just really is a pain in the ass.
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