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Default Re: Attention To All!

I started my shop in Aug. of this year and have been so busy making hair clips ever since. I have not been on here in a long time and walk into this???!!!

No matter how anyone wants to look at it, it does apply to our clips because those of us who have small girls know they pull out their hair clips and they go staight to their mouth! My husband and I have always been very careful about the items we buy for our daughters because we all want to make sure they are safe to put on them so play with.

I just doesn't seem fair and I agree that the places we buy our supples from should be the ones liable for these fines NOT US!! I really hope this law doesn't end up affecting us but if it does why wouldn't we be able to just mark our items as "intended for ages 12 and up"? I will definetly look into "lead-free". And I think if the prices for supples do go up, we will have no choice but to stop selling. I wouldn't want to be liable for a little baby being hurt by any of the items I make.....REGARDLES SAFETY COMES FIRST!
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