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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by nicole26 View Post
Okay I am still so cunfused because I went to the place you are talking about to get it from the horses mouth and this is what i saw after the part you mentioned above:

The third-party testing and certification requirements for children’s products are phased in on a rolling schedule. The statute requires the CPSC to issue laboratory accreditation regimes for different categories of children’s products. Once the CPSC issues the laboratory accreditation requirement for that category of children’s products, each children’s product in that category that is manufactured more than ninety days after that date must be tested and certified to the applicable requirements. The schedule for CPSC to issue the laboratory accreditation requirements and the certification schedule is set forth on the timeline shown in the chart below.

CPSC Publishes Accreditation ProcedureThird-Party Testing RequiredLead PaintSeptember 22, 2008*December 22, 2008Cribs And Pacifiers October 2008January 2009Small PartsNovember 2008February 2009Metal JewelryDecember 2008March 2009Baby Bouncers, Walkers And JumpersMarch 2009June 2009300 ppm Lead ContentMay 2009August 2009CPSC Children’s Product Safety RulesJune 2009September 2009
Sorry, I took that paragraph from the summary of section 102 when I should have also quoted this paragraph from the summary of section 101:

"The limits on the amount of lead in children’s products are phased in over the course of three years. By February 10, 2009, products designed or intended primarily for children 12 and younger may not contain more than 600 ppm of lead. Children’s products that contain more lead than 600 ppm are banned in the U.S. after February 10, 2009, and the sale of those products can result in significant civil and criminal liability. The statute provides that paint, coatings or electroplating may not be considered a barrier that would make the lead content of a product inaccessible to a child..."

Hair clips are not specifically listed because the regulation covers ALL children's products. Seeing as how we use metal clips, there is no way we could be exempt from any lead testing.

Another helpful link is here, a letter you can edit to send to your congressional representative. The letter is written by the AAFA, the American Apparel something something (sorry, I found the link in the Etsy forums and don't know the whole acronym). The portion you can edit does a pretty good job of explaining how this would impact us all...

I'm not a lawyer or anything, just a seller and consumer who's concerned what will happen to my fledgling business and all the other Etsy types I'd like to keep supporting...
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