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Default Re: Attention To All!

First, no I am not an attorney. I am someone that does what all the rest of you do....make things. And if I choose to sell again I want to be able to do that, legally.
All anyone has to do to get the SAME information I have posted here is to go to the Fashion Incubator website. It is ALL there. I have not posted anything that did not come from that site. Nothing I have ever posted about this are my own interpatations of this law!
You are right about one thing, I am only trying to help.
Sometimes tho people don't want to hear things that will make things harder for them.
You all can keep doing what you are doing, making and selling. I am only trying to help you all to avoid having to pay a hefty fine if you get caught. There are many many people on that message board at fashion incubator that have made it very clear that if this law stops them they are going to make it their 'new job' to scour etsy and ebay looking for people with listings that have no certification and turn them in.
If any of you are willing to take that chance then that is your right to do so.
None if this has much to do with me personally because I don't sell anything I make and haven't for a long time.
I am only trying to help.
But if passing along all this TRUE information is not appreciated then I will say no more and you all can keep doing what you are doing the way you have always done it. But you better put aside some money to pay the fine when you are fined.
I'll say it once more then shut up...I was only trying to help and ALL the information is posted on the website I provided. Go do your own reading and you will see that I haven't made this up.
Go to the website and type fabric or ribbon in the search box and read what it says.
Lead is found in metal components, it is found in the paint this is on fabric and ribbon, it is in the dyes used on fabrics.
And we all know that swaroski crystals are full of lead.
Nicole they use the terms apparel so maybe thats why you don't see clothing.
I'll say no more because obviously I'm beating a dead horse here.
It's all over the news and the Wall Street Journal and all the boutique sites.
Jenni in CA

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