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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by JenniCA View Post
We're confusing the issues. The mention of durable goods and its exclusions apply to PHALATHES, not LEAD.
Clothing sold to children under 12 will need to be tested by a certified testing lab for LEAD.
If you MAKE, ASSEMBLE, PUT TOGETHER clothing for children under 12 you ARE considered a manufacturer.
If we use crystal/beads/ CLIPS/RIBBON/ fabric from manufacuters that hold the cert. we would need to obtain the cert. from THEM.
HOWEVER if your supplies have not been tested and now have to be, we may have a hard time finding supplies
and will be finding huge price increases.
Your ribbon and clips DOES fall into the category for lead testing! So just because you make bows and not clothes that does not mean this doesn't apply to you. It does because of WHAT you use to make those bows.

Please everyone go read the message board at Fabric Incubator! ALL the information is there.
Here is the link again.
Fashion-Incubator User Forum :: View Forum - CPSIA & Consumer Safety

I do not mean to be rude but are you an attorney? It seems to me that you are saying alot about this I just want to make sure that you are getting correct information. The Part I read on the officail website talks about toys and cribs and baby furniture. I am sure you are just trying to help but please be careful with the info you are putting out there because false info gets passed around and then people get all worked up. JMO
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