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Default Re: Attention To All!

"Don't you ever wonder who exactly comes up with these laws??? Was this a bill that was pushed on the president's desk at the end of the day when he was trying to get out of the door in a hurry. Did anyone think this all the way through??? Obviously not because it will affect everyone! Just what our economy needed. "

That exactly what I was thinking!!!!!! The Small Business is the back bone to our economy. It seems like the gap between the have's and the have not's is getting even larger.

Almost all of my supplies are purchased from manufactures found here in the US. Because I wanted to make sure I was providing a High Quality Item. Thatís why my prices are priced the way they areÖ it cost more to purchase from US manufactures but it was a cost I was willing to pay in order to provide High Quality product. But even then, I donít think I can afford the cost of $100.00 to test each and ever product seeing how the average price for an item on my site is $35.00. I may have to change to Making Adult Jewelry Ö.. Even though my passion is making adorable jewelry for children.
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