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Default Re: Attention To All!

Emily I have to disagree with you. This DOES pertain to individuals.
I suggest everyone go to the website I posted and read.
This law has already passed and goes in to affect in February.
Please take this very seriously and read the law for yourself.
Etsy and Ebay are going to require a certificate from you from the lab that tested your things or you will not be able to sell there. By law they cannot allow anyone to sell untested articles for children under 12.
Sure there will be those that just go on doing what they do and selling their products. But they will be breaking the law and the fines are going to be very high.
Read what is posted and decide for yourself if it's a risk you are willing to take.
I only posted the link to the website so that you all can read and get the information for yourself. Which is always better than relying on someone else's interpretation.
Jenni in CA

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