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Default Re: Attention To All!

Originally Posted by justemily View Post

I am totally new on this board, so hi, I'm emily! Also, by reading through the laws that have been passed on the website, we as individuals do NOT have to individually test our materials. You can even still sell the old ones, they are required to be marked as not having been tested, or non compliant. (or as the site says much like a grocer would mark food as organic)

THe manufacturers are required to test their product (or supplies in our case) and we would be required to purchase materials that have already been tested.

Clothing and other items that are not labled for "play" or care of a child do not even need to be tested. Only if they can be used for play or are labeled as such. If you made a play dress up outfit and labled it a costume it would be exempt.

I hope this helps!

I hope you are right~ it seems to me that is the way it should be!
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