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Default Re: Attention To All! PLEASE READ !!!

It is about handmade toys, but the law is also written to include pretty much anything handmade for children under the age of 12.
Including but not limited to:

hair accessories

It also affect resellers of children's goods. Those who sell on Ebay,at mom2mom sales, goodwill, consignment shops.
You will not even be able to SELL, DONATE or GIVE AWAY items included under the law unless they have been tested and labelled as safe.

This law, which has already been signed by the President, will affect everyone on this board who sells items made for children.
It was not designed as written to provide for small businesses who make handmade goods on a small scale. You will not be able to sell at craft shows, online, etc unless you can pay hundreds of $$ to have each BATCH of your items tested and approved.

It is very scary. The fines are pretty steep if you are caught.
I really encourage everyone here to sign the petiton above and contact your local congressman or state representative. And please pass this information on to anyone and everyone...
The only way we get this ammended to make provisions for handcrafted items and small businesses like ours is to rally and get the word out!

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