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Default Re: Big Girl Bows

Maybe you could decide about how many you want to make, the divide up the bows from there. If you want to give her ten pieces, you could do one matching set for pig tails, a couple pinks (dark and light?), maybe a white, maybe a red and a blue, maybe like two or three funky boutique/stacked whatever, a headband with a floppy bow... you see what I mean? Make sure you've got her covered with some basics to match most everyday outfits, and some cool bows that really show your creativity. I myself like having a lot of solid colors so that my daughter always has a bow that matches her millions of outfits, but also definitely appreciate when I buy a beautifully detailed bow to match a specific dress. Just my opinion. And then when you're done, depending on how many fancy/basic bows you made, you can price. (Oh, just another idea, you might want to take into account that the holidays are coming up and throw a Christmas/Hanukkah bow in there.)
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