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Originally Posted by Amylynn View Post
Why don't you send her some pics or links of different bows, like boutique or twisted boutique, pinwheel. My neice is 8 and she shares bows with her 5 year old sister. I think regular boutique bows would be nice. Maybe some stacked? But I wouldn't feel comfortable without some info first.

I think if you send pics, you can get qa better idea of what she wants.
I sent her some links, and offered to go over all the options with her, but she doesn't want to decide. I think there are just too many options for her to make a decision, and apparently she isn't trying to match anything specific. She decided she wanted some bows after seeing (and loving) a pair I made for my daughter. If she wasn't dh's family member and I didn't know her personality, I would never agree to go into this project blind. I know she is going to appreciate my efforts, even if the bows aren't exactly what she hoped. I also know she will pay me whatever price I charge no matter what. I have creative freedom, but I don't know what to do with it. lol
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