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Default Big Girl Bows

I need advice for what kind of bows to make!!! Someone asked me to make them some bows for her 8 1/2 year old. She said she want some in pink and in primary colors. I asked her a bunch of questions about what she specifically wants, but she just said for me to put some together and her "little diva" will love them. The questions I asked include:
1) 1 bow or matching set of each?
2) 1 solid color each, or multiple colors?
3) Simple plain bows, or layers and spikes?
4) Big or little?
5) Wide or narrow ribbon?

Since she didn't answer any of those questions, I don't know what to make. I have been making bows and clippies for my own girls (ages 1 and 2 1/2) and only really know what the baby/toddler/little girl age group wears. What bows are the 8 + age group wearing? (She doesn't want clippies, just bows)

I really want to get this right, and not seem to her like I am clueless. I know that if she likes them she will be a repeat customer. She also has a lot of connections that could lead to referrals. If everything works out like I hope, I will get a lot of business through her.

BTW, She is related to my dh, and I know she will pay me so that is not an issue.
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