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Default Re: Beanie and Kufi Hats

Originally Posted by Leah1983 View Post
Yes I need some of those! Do you know where I can get them for cheaper??
I saw that I just missed a group by on them
I have never seen a group buy on these as they are not factory made.
I make them from wide crochet headbands. Always underpay may sell them for cheaper ($1.95 each) Most charge $2+ per hat.
Please note that those are made from 5" headbands which can be bought cheaper than the 5.5 or 6" headbands. You can buy the
5" bands wholesale for about $7 for 24 pieces where the 6" bands you could pay $4.50 per dozen, then each band will need to be sewn by hand
to be turned into the beanie.

The difference is
that the smaller the width the smaller the fit. The 5" ones a great for younger babies up to about 6 months and the ones made with 6" bands
can fit up to approx 1 year.

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