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Default Re: Sewn tutus?

Hello ladies!
If your having problems with your elastic the trick is "NON ROLL"!
I use 1' non roll on all my tutus and use a square knot as well. Everyone loves them and actually prefers the tied verses the sewn.

I still would love to try to sew one just to see how it comes out. But, here's a funny lil story for those doubting your tieing tutu skills...hehe

I brought some of my tutu's in to one of our biggest local dancewear stores here. To see if she would be interested in putting them in her shop. Well, she stated that she loved mine but had just ordered some from a company that were sewn.....I told her that while sewn ones seem better they lay flatter and alot of the girls, espicially ones attending dance class love the "poofy" look.
All she could really give me was she'll keep me in mind for when she's low on stock.
Well, I walked past her plain, straight, looks like they have NO life tutu's...out of her store.
Wouldn't ya know she finally agreed with me about two months later and has ordered a few from me!!!!
So don't doubt yourself!!!
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